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Experience one-on-one care focused on your needs and your recovery.  Learn to understand, manage, and improve to get back to living your life without limitations.  I started Resilience because I believe the best care model is one where the patient and therapist are focused together on the outcome, and work in tandem to see improvement.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Jason was very thorough in his assessment and addressed the current problem but also others that
may have been contributing. He used a multi-module approach and used as many tools as possible to
improve the injury as well as prevent future injury. He created a path to not only get me back to where I
was before injury but better. Jason provides excellent one-on-one patient care that is second to none. I
am so grateful for his help.

Jennifer K

I had a mixed experience with my last PT. On my last visits to another practice I had a different therapist, who wasn't as informed of my case. I was one of two patients she was working with during my time and felt that I wasn't getting what I needed out of that visit. When I would ask questions about the billing they would tell me to call corporate, corporate would belittle me when I talked with them. At that moment, I felt just like a number, and I felt processed. This isn't the case with Jason. When you work with Jason you have his undivided attention. He takes the time to set goals with you and sets up each visit to work towards those goals. He takes time to answer each question and giving you the knowledge you need to reach your goals. I also really appreciate that his billing is also simple, I don't have any surprises or attitudes that you receive at other practices.

Nicole Bernier

Jason did a very thorough evaluation and was able to figure out very quickly where my pain was coming from. I felt that therapy sessions and home exercises were well planned and designed specifically for me. Jason taught me to pay attention to how I am doing an exercise and to do it correctly. He gave me lots of feedback, answered all my questions, and was very encouraging. I am back to taking long walks, cross country skiing, and working out in the gym. The programming was excellent. The gradual, progressive exercises worked well for me. I also feel that I think more about my body - how it works, how I move, and how to help myself when I do feel discomfort.


I was nervous to start PT because I’ve heard how painful and hard it can be. Jason tailored my program to exactly what was necessary to keep me moving forward without discomfort. Jason is a wealth of knowledge and his extensive experience is obvious.Not only did he teach me how to progress but also how to rest. Not only did he rehab my shoulder, but he taught me to be attentive on how I move my body in general. This has empowered me to continue my PT at home and given me the confidence I need to be successful! The attention Jason gives to his patients surpassed all my expectations in a physical therapist.

Holly B.




With over 20 years of experience we are happy to offer high quality care for a wide variety of conditions including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, and jaw pain (often called TMD or TMJ dysfunction).  We have helped many patients come back after surgeries of all types including ACL repair, rotator cuff repair and spinal surgeries.  We also have extensive experience treating chronic pain, deconditioning, balance disorders (including fall risk management), and vertigo.  Our treatment focuses on helping you get back what is important to you: gardening, sledding with your kids or grandkids, going after a new personal best back squat, or returning to sport.


We work with Medicare as a Non-participating provider, and are otherwise out of network with insurances.  This allows us to provide high quality services that are patient centered and not driven by a third party.  We provide resources to assist our clients to pursue reimbursement if they have out of network benefits, as well as information on Maine's "Right to Shop" law which requires insurances to reimburse patients at in-network rates in some situations.  For more information please click the "Out of Network FAQ" link on this page.


With the exception of Medicare, no you do not need a referral to see a physical therapist in the state of Maine.  Some insurances do require a referral for reimbursement for out of network visits.  Check with your insurance for further details.  We have created a specific FAQ sheet for Out of Network information.


We are excited to offer our services in two locations: We are located at 23 Aldrich Ave. in Norway, Maine (*next to TruStrength Athletics) and at 34 Center St. in Auburn, Maine (across the street from Goldworks and in the same building as Maine Dentistry and Perfect Balance).  We offer mobile services for an additional travel fee.


We will have a brief interview over a phone call to get some information regarding your needs and answer any questions you may have about our services.  We will send you our intake forms which can be completed entirely online.  The first visit will focus on assessing your injury (for physical therapy) and/or movement (for a functional mobility screen).  Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing (athletic apparel is a good bet).


We take the health of our patients and community very seriously.  While it's not possible to reduce risk to nothing, we take significant precautions to keep you and our staff safe.  We do require masking during our sessions.  All equipment is disinfected before and after each treatment session.  Our one on one and mobile treatment settings remove the worry of crowded waiting rooms or clinics.  You will be screened before each session and if necessary we will reschedule the visit if you are experiencing symptoms.



Find The Right Service For You



Discover if you and Resilience are the right fit, and what service offering is best for your needs

This is a free phone session designed for you to help me understand your needs and what service offering (PT, Post-rehab, Wellness/Training) will best suit your needs.  There is no commitment, and you will come out of the session with better understanding of some things you can do to achieve your goals.


Assess and Treat Pain and Dysfunction

One on one session(s) to first assess your problem and help you understand what it is and what can be done.  This is NOT about the quick fix.  We use movement and manual interventions to help you feel and move better with an emphasis on getting better and staying better.  Your session is performed by a clinician who is an EXPERT in movement and has in depth understanding of injuries, rehabilitation, and treating the whole person (not just your "diagnosis.")

We also offer Mobile Therapy services for those who are unable to travel and are in our geographic area.  A travel fee does apply for all mobile services.



Improve your running efficiency, and decrease your injury risk.

Our Running Analysis Package includes a full functional movement analysis as well as analysis of your running pattern.  From these analyses we are able to help you understand where you can focus your efforts both during and outside of your running to improve efficiency, improve mobility and injury risk.  The package includes the analysis and a follow up which reviews the findings and provides a program catered to the findings that you can use to improve.

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Identify and Correct Movement Dysfunctions

Whatever your sport or activity, how you move will have direct impact on how you perform.  Our Movement Analysis provides an in depth mobility and strength assessment with the goal of identifying areas which may hamper your performance, and help to improve them.  We are able to use our medical movement expertise to help you maximize your performance, as well as identify and reduce risk factors for injury for both sport specific athletes and general physical preparedness.



From Pre-surgery strengthening to post-rehab return to activity

Evidence shows that patients who are discharged from physical therapy are often not ready for return to sport and have significant risk of reinjury.  Our PREP program (Post Rehabilitation Exercise Program) is designed to help improve strength and performance in a safe manner to help bridge the gap from discharge from therapy to return to activity.  We are experts in keeping people moving and progressing toward their goals using both our medical and exercise expertise.  We have a variety of offerings for individuals including Group and Individual Monthly programs, One on One sessions and combinations of the two.   You do not need to have come to Resilience Physical Therapy in order to be eligible for this program!


Individualized Programming

With expertise in both physical therapy and coaching, we are equipped to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you are looking for overall wellness, training for a specific event or activity we can help set you up for success.  We love to work with mountain athletes, power lifters, baseball players, and everyone in between.  Prior exercise experience for our clients is not required- we are happy to help get you started.  We are able to supplement your current training, provide a complete program for your needs, or help you learn specific movements.  We offer ongoing programs (online and in person), accessory program design, and individual coaching.

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Virtual Programming to Improve Your Runs

Running Resilience is a virtual program designed for busy people looking to improve their running economy, performance and reduce injury risk.  Workouts are typically no longer than 20-30 minutes.  This program is offered via monthly subscription and includes access to the coaching team via the Train Heroic app.  Individual programming is also available!

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Jason Burtchell, PT, Cred. MDT

Jason is a physical therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience and one of a handful of clinicians in the state of Maine to obtain his McKenzie Certification.  He is a former CrossFit trainer, and understands the importance of bridging the gap between rehabilitation and return to function.  He thrives on helping people get back to activities that are important to them, including Power Lifting, CrossFit, trail running, and sports.  He gains just as much joy helping people get back activities such playing with their children, returning to work, and gardening.  He recently worked with a patient on navigating uneven ground for tapping Maple trees.  He is an avid participant and student of movement, and enjoys weight lifting, Olympic lifting, interval training, hiking, biking and other activities.  He also understands the challenges of continuing to stay active and healthy as we age, and the value of doing so for longevity and quality of life.  He loves to help his patients feel better and move better to achieve their short and long term goals. Jason understands the value of listening to his client's stories and working one on one with them to help them understand how to get better and stay better.

jasonburtchell Profile Pic.jpg


I provide services in the Oxford Hills area at 23 Aldrich Ave in Norway, ME and in the Lewiston/Auburn area at 34 Center St. in Auburn.  We also offer mobile physical therapy services. We offer flexible scheduling including early morning and evening hours.  You can call, email or fill out the contact form if you'd like to set up an appointment or ask a question.

34 Center Street, Auburn, ME 04210
23 Aldrich Ave, Norway, ME 04268

Phone (207) 707-1409

Fax 1-833-544-0823

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