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Physical Therapist


Discover if you and Resilience are the right fit, and what service offering is best for your needs

This is a free phone session designed for you to help me understand your needs and what service offering (PT, Post-rehab, Wellness/Training) will best suit your needs.  There is no commitment, and you will come out of the session with better understanding of some things you can do to achieve your goals.


Assess and Treat Pain and Dysfunction

One on one session(s) to first assess your problem and help you understand what it is and what can be done.  This is NOT about the quick fix.  We use movement and manual interventions to help you feel and move better with an emphasis on getting better and staying better.  Your session is performed by a clinician who is an EXPERT in movement and has in depth understanding of injuries, rehabilitation, and treating the whole person (not just your "diagnosis.")

We also offer Mobile Therapy services for those who are unable to travel and are in our geographic area.  A travel fee does apply for all mobile services.



Improve your running efficiency, and decrease your injury risk.

Our Running Analysis Package includes a full functional movement analysis as well as analysis of your running pattern.  From these analyses we are able to help you understand where you can focus your efforts both during and outside of your running to improve efficiency, improve mobility and injury risk.  The package includes the analysis and a follow up which reviews the findings and provides a program catered to the findings that you can use to improve.  We also offer a monthly program that includes strength and mobility geared to keep you running injury free!

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Identify and Correct Movement Dysfunctions

This service is used to help identify movement issue before they become a problem.  If you are having difficulty with performing functional movements such as squatting or moving your arm over your head, but not having pain, this assessment can help you understand not only why but what you can do to manage the issue BEFORE it becomes a problem.  We are able to use our medical movement expertise to assess both risk factors and potential issues for both sport specific athletes and those looking to just move well.  The information you will learn can help you recover from an injury faster, identify if physical therapy would be helpful for you, or keep you from needing physical therapy in the first place.



From Pre-surgery strengthening to post-rehab return to activity

Evidence shows that patients who are discharged from physical therapy are often not ready for return to sport and have significant risk of reinjury.  Our PREP program (Post Rehabilitation Exercise Program) is designed to help improve strength and performance in a safe manner to help bridge the gap from discharge from therapy to return to activity.  We are experts in keeping people moving and progressing toward their goals using both our medical and exercise expertise.  We have a variety of offerings for individuals including Group and Individual Monthly programs, One on One sessions and combinations of the two.   You do not need to have come to Resilience Physical Therapy in order to be eligible for this program!